Care & Safety

Please enjoy our products and make sure to follow the instructions below for your safety and to maximise the life of your Star Raccoon props and accessories.

Care Instructions

Star Raccoon products are made from high quality materials including professional modelling glues. However we recommend storing the products in cool areas away from direct sunlight in order to ensure they stay in best condition for a long time. Many of our products are made from foam rubber and must be kept away from heaters and fires as the foam is essentially a plastic that may be combustible.

Star Raccoon stand by the quality of their work and are happy to discuss repairs and replacement. Depending on circumstance we may charge for repairs or may provide free repairs or replacement.

Safety & Wise Public Use

We recommend that our props are not played with or displayed in public areas for risk that they be mistaken for actual weapons, such is the quality of our workmanship. Our guns do not have triggers, or barrel holes and all gun tips have been painted bright orange.

When using our props at conventions, special events or for photographs we advise following standard procedure to avoid public perception that guns may be pointed at them. This includes not placing fingers through the trigger area and instead leaving the trigger fingers extended along the barrel of the gun.

When travelling to conventions and special events it is also recommended that weapons are not displayed in public view. Keep them covered up, wrapped in fabric or inside bags.

We include no metal in our props out of consideration that people in performances may cut themselves, fall on their weapons or hit other people with them.