What Is Star Raccoon?

From the Star Raccoon studio Warren is able to supply original accessories such as weapons and armour and also design and produce original designs to meet client requests. Star Raccoon provides bespoke, hand-made accessories, props and costume for cos-play, screen production and fun. Our studio in Dunedin can work with clients nationally and internationally. Use our website to request quotes and timeline for design and production of your needs or choose from our catalogue of existing designs.

When To Use

Contact Star Raccoon when you:
• want well-made props to enhance your own costumes or to gift to friends
• want props and accessories for screen productions or theatre
• want team or corporate logo in 3D produced for branding
• want to have your original ideas for costumes and props made to order

How To Use

Star Raccoon will:
• supply stock items from our catalogue direct to your door
• provide quotes and timeline for bespoke requests
• provide designs and estimates for commissioned work
• see our website for product components, care instructions and safety advice

You will:
• sign off the final design
• accept the estimate and timeline for delivery
• make payment prior to postage of our stock accessories
• or be asked for a deposit of one third of the cost to secure your booking for production of bespoke designs.